Who, What, Where, Why, When?

I’m Cassie and I’m a 28 year old stay-at-home mom to a wonderful boy, Bruce. I live in my hometown and have been with my husband, Royce (also wonderful), for almost 10 years.

A couple of cuties riding in the “BEEP BEEP!” as Bruce would call it. Royce had rented a mini excavator for the day and Bruce was over the moon about it.

We have a 13 year old chihuahua, Penny, and 5 chickens – Mrs. White, Ronnie, Amber, Betty and Veronica.

I really love reading other blogs, watching Youtube videos and creeping on social media of anything to do with all the things I’m in to. I’ve hummed and hawed about getting somewhat serious about sharing on some kind of platform on a regular basis. I recently made a post on Instagram about my root cellar and (through the magic of hashtags) it got over 1100 likes! I was so incredibly blown away by that and it got me thinking that maybe it’s time to finally start.

Penny looking so majestic. Photo credit goes to my sister here. Thanks, Ellie!

So here it is, my first post. Thanks for bearing with me! They’ll get better in time (hopefully) and I’m excited to connect with others who enjoy similar interests. As for the when, I think a weekly blog is a pretty obtainable goal. I might try and post a bit more frequently off the hop to create some content, but we’ll see.




4 Comments on “Who, What, Where, Why, When?

  1. Well done Cassie, for the life youre living and for the blog. I look forward to reading your weekly writes. Have fun!!

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  2. About time Nova! Looking forward to learning some of your best tricks for gardening and canning! Your awesome! Xo

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