Why Should You Use Cloth Diapers?

If you follow me on Instagram or know me in person, you probably already know that I’m a big fan cloth diapers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s had its fair share of challenges, but the pros WAY outnumber the cons. Here are a handful of reasons why I think cloth diapers are pretty neat and why you should consider using them:

1. Money!

When I first decided that we would use cloth diapers, this was the definitely the main reason why. While we were trying to get pregnant and planning for parenthood, I couldn’t believe just how much diapers would end up costing us in the long run. Figuring that our baby would use half of an economy-sized box of disposable diapers per week, it would cost around $60 per month (which is assuming I would buy them on sale and use coupons). I have yet to potty train a child, but most people say it’s usually between the time they are 2 and 3 years old. So if we had to spend $60/month on diapers, it would’ve cost us somewhere between $1400 and $2100 to disposable diaper our baby. Money spent on garbage. Literally, garbage!

So instead I spent about half of that and bought a large assortment of cloth diapers that we’ll use until our son is potty trained. Plus we can use them again if we decide to have another baby OR sell them and make some of our investment back OR have another baby and then sell them. Then they could use them on their baby and then sell them… Okay, you get the picture.

The only downfall was having to pay for them all at once, more or less. I spread it out a little bit and made four or five big purchases throughout my pregnancy which made it very manageable. Plus there are many, many different options available for cloth diapering that can fit any budget. Even factoring the added cost of extra laundry detergent, water and energy to heat the water and dry them, the savings are incredible.

2. Environmentally Friendlier

Speaking of garbage, what do you think two to three years worth of diaper garbage looks like? Here’s a super cool calculator I found that’ll estimate how many diapers your baby will need based on his/her size at birth. Our boy was 10lbs 6oz and it determined we would’ve used just over 2400 disposables, JUST IN HIS FIRST YEAR! Again, literally spending money on garbage.

Not to mention the incredible amount of energy and resources it takes to manufacture, ship and sell those thousands of diapers he would’ve needed. Wins all around!

3. They’re SUPER Cute

I said I wouldn’t become THAT kind of mom who was obsessed with her cloth stash, or fuss over new diaper prints, take photos of them, etc.. Guess what? I did. I’m a full-blown cloth diaper nut and I’m not even embarrassed about it. Be careful though, buying cloth diapers is mega-addicting and before you know it, you end up with WAY more that you could ever hope to need or use. I could’ve spent a lot less on my stash and would’ve had more than enough to diaper our son.

4. Better For Baby

There seems to be some controversy about disposable diapers and they chemicals they contain. I’m not going to pretend to know more about something than I actually do and I understand that chemicals are everywhere, sometimes necessary and that anything can be toxic in the right quantity. All that being said though, when you constantly and consistently read information stating that the chemicals in disposable diapers are associated with a lot of negative health effects, the obvious choice seems to be cloth diapers. I’m sure you know how to run a search engine and could find your own info on it, but you can find a couple good reads on it here and here.

5. They Aren’t As Much Work As You’d Think

Sure I have to wash, sort, fold and put away an extra load of laundry every 2 to 3 days, sure it might take a few more seconds to change a diaper and yes, I have to deal with more poop than I’d probably like to, but it’s really really really not that bad (seriously, having to rinse a bit of poo off a cloth diaper doesn’t kill you). The amount of money you save and waste you avoid producing is SO worth it!!!

Are you a cloth diapering family? What are your reasons why you chose to use cloth? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

If you live in western Canada and are looking for a great cloth diapering site, I highly recommend Lagoon Baby located in Maple Ridge, BC. They have a great selection (of all things baby, not just cloth diapers) and I’ve made almost all our diaper related purchases there. If you shop through my affiliate link, I make a small commission from them at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

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